Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update on the stamp room addition

My husband Steve and son-in-law James got the old carpet tore out, the ceiling painted, and the walls painted today. Steve started working after we got home from Robbi's band competition this afternoon - her band got all firsts - and worked until about 8:30 this evening. After a quick supper of McDonald's (I know - gross), he went to bed.

He was hoping to put the new flooring down tomorrow, but he has to go to work right after church tomorrow. So I'm going to wash the windows and curtains and do what little I can do for now. My whole house is a wreck because we have furniture and craft fair stuff everywhere.

Jess and I went shopping today looking for new furniture to put in my stamp room and I bought a new table and chairs, ceiling fan, and miscellaneous items. What I was really hoping to find was a wooden storage cabinet in black. I love the one I have now in my stamp room (which I bought at Menards) and would like to find one in black for the new room. So if any of you have any ideas on where to look please let me know.


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