Friday, October 23, 2009

So much for plans

I told you things never go as planned in the Jenkin's household. Steve has been working a lot, ended up with an infected finger which he had to go to the doctor over, so the trim isn't done. So now we are shooting for tomorrow.

I now have my stamp room back in order and my Christmas Stamp-a-Stack is over, so I will (hopefully) be posting some new cards next week.

I've decided not to move my stamping supplies into the new room for now. It will be used mostly for a classroom, plus will give me space to spread out when I'm doing big projects. I have a lot of my handcrafted items displayed in there, so if anyone needs a gift come on over.

I'm waiting for some warm weather so I can paint my displays black, then I need to figure out some better lighting. I am thinking of buying another OTT light, a floor lamp maybe.

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