Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trimming the Tree

I just did one of those things that really irritates me when others do it - I put up the Christmas tree and it's not even Halloween yet. It really bugs me when you have to go looking through the Christmas stuff at the stores to try and find an isle with Fall or Halloween items. Yet I have my tree up.

I do have a good excuse. I had my Christmas Stamp-a-Stack October 22. Now everyone knows if you are going to make your own Christmas cards you have to start early, which is why I held the event in October. And since this was a "Christmas event", I decided to break out my little Christmas tree that I got last year for Christmas.

My plan for the tree was to decorate it with the seasons, but you all surely know by now that nothing ever goes as planned in the Jenkins' household. So this is the first time I got the tree out of the box. I then spent a day making some decorations for my little tree, and this is one of those ornaments. I made it from the new treat cups that can be found in the Holiday Mini. I have been taking my pictures indoors lately due to weather and beetles, so I apologize for the poor picture quality.

Thanks for looking,l

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