Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting Closer

The floor is almost done, just one more stip of the laminate and then we need to put up some corner rounder and it will be done. My poor husband was up until 1:30 this morning trying to finish the floor.

I have my favorite wallpaper person coming today - Marie - and she is putting up the border so I will be able to start moving everything back in tonight.

I can't wait to find my stamp room again. Things are going to get confusing, because I still have my "old" stamp room and will be using it but I'm branching out into the adjoining room. So I guess I will need to think of a name for the "new" stamp room so we don't get confused. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe I will call the new room the class room, unless you all can give me some better ideas.

Thanks for checking in with me,

1 comment:

Kathy W said...

can not wait to see- I posted some photos of my room today, not even close to being finished.


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