Sunday, August 30, 2009

Relay for Life Bear

You are probably getting tired of seeing bears, but my husband came up with this idea.

We made some pink bears and added the ribbons - some we did with pink (Breast Cancer Awareness) and some we did with purple (General Cancer Awareness). We are going to sell these bears for $10 and half of that will be given to the Relay for Life.

The second picture shows how they will be packaged.

If you are interested in purchasing a bear, just send me an email.
Remember these are magnetic "paper dolls". The clothes can be taken off, you can even purchase extra outfits for your bears.

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

No Mistakes - Just a reason to embellish

Have you ever heard people say when it comes to cardmaking, that there is no such thing as a mistake, just more reasons to embellish?

Well this little bear gave me a reason to embellish. Actually my husband who was helping me did. He didn't have the magnet situated on the die correctly and part of this little shirt was cut off. It was very noticeable, so I tried to round off the shirt and just shorten it up a bit. Then she looked like one of those heavy guys on comercials where there bellies are hanging out the bottom of there t-shirts. So I decided to make it look like we did this deliberately, and I gave her a belly piercing. And wouldn't you know it, now the short shirts are going out and the long shirts are coming in. I'm always behind in the fashion world.

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Build-a-Bear...

Here is another paper doll magnet that I created. This one is a boy. Check out his stone washed jeans. I made the jeans from a wall paper sample that I had.

My husband and I went to a paint store a couple of months ago looking for a particular paint to use on props for VBS. They had a display of wall paper and those little samples by it. So not really sure what I would do with the samples but knowing they would be useful for something I took several. By now my husband is used to this behavior. As a matter of fact when we went and ate lunch at Cheeseburgers in Paradise that same day, he got a stack of round coasters for me. I'm sure they will be just the thing I need - someday.

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Really Cool Project

Here is my really cool project! At least I think it is. This is a magnetic paper doll made with the new Build-A-Bear dies from Stampin' Up.

Stampin' Up has partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshops and Sizzix to come up with a line of dies and stamp sets that are now being offered in the new Holiday Mini Catalog.

In case you can't tell, that is one of the white tins you can buy in any craft shop that the magnet is attached to. All the clothes are also magnets, so you don't have to mess with those little tabs that come on paper dolls. And since this little bear is cut from magnet sheets, she should hold up pretty well.

I did this girl in our school colors - purple and gold - and put the CW on the front which stands for Casey-Westfield High School. If you didn't want a girl, you could just pull off the skirt, put on a pair of jeans, take off the flower and you have a little boy. Cute, huh?

Here is a picture of one "naked". It even has the little heart emblem on it.
I hope you liked this project and I will have a few more bears to show you over the next few days so be sure and check back.
Thanks for looking,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Bearthday Hydi!

Today we are having Hydi's first birthday party,

her birthday is actually on the 25th.

Hydi is doing really well now and they have been reducing her medication. She did have to have one of the hemangiomas on her bottom lasered, but other than that everything has went better than was expected.

I just received a BIG Stampin' Up order in on Thursday. I thought this would be my last order for the year, but now I'm thinking there are a few more things I need to get.

Anyway, part of my order was the new Build-a-Bear dies and stamp set that we are offering, so I decided to do Hydi's card with that stamp set. I apologize for the poor picture, we are leaving in just a little bit and it's to0 windy outside to take pictures so I took this one inside and it's not a very good picture. But you can really see all the shimmer on this card. I went over the dress, shoes and part of the gift bag with a Gelly Roll glaze pen. It's very sparkly in real life.

The other thing I made for Hydi was this gift bag. Again I used the Build-a-Bear dies and the new Designer Series Paper that goes with it. It's time for us to
go to the party so I will be back Monday with a very cool
project, so please be sure to check back then.

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's been a while...

since my last post. Things have been pretty hectic at the Jenkins household.

We had VBS at our church August 3-7 and it was great. God blessed us with more kids than we planned for so we had to do some scrambling to get everything we needed, but God provided as always. We had 42 kids and about 20 adults and that's a lot of people to feed supper to each night. We are a small church out in the country so for us to have so many kids each night was a real blessing.

Of course the weeks before VBS were spent getting ready and then the last night of VBS my husband had to have a stint put in and so he was off work all last week. Add to that his son and granddaughter coming to visit and getting ready for Rob to go back to school, things have been pretty much chaos around here. Throw a day in of freezing corn (Thanks Terri) and you can see how my last month has been. Busy!

But Steve is back to work this week, all the company is gone and Rob has started her senior year today. I cleaned house yesterday and have errands to run today, but I'm hoping tomorrow if my internet cooperates, that I can start posting some projects again. I haven't hardly had a chance to play with my last order and I just put in another order today that will be here Thursday. I haven't even brought in my purchases from our new Joann's Fabric store that I bought a couple of weeks ago. They are still riding in the trunk of my car. But cleaning my stamp room is on my list of things to do today.

So thanks for hanging in there and I will be back with some projects this week.



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