Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Build-a-Bear...

Here is another paper doll magnet that I created. This one is a boy. Check out his stone washed jeans. I made the jeans from a wall paper sample that I had.

My husband and I went to a paint store a couple of months ago looking for a particular paint to use on props for VBS. They had a display of wall paper and those little samples by it. So not really sure what I would do with the samples but knowing they would be useful for something I took several. By now my husband is used to this behavior. As a matter of fact when we went and ate lunch at Cheeseburgers in Paradise that same day, he got a stack of round coasters for me. I'm sure they will be just the thing I need - someday.

Thanks for looking,

1 comment:

Kathy W said...

haven't ordered these yet, but they look like fun!


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