Thursday, January 13, 2011

Treat Box Card Tutorial

I'm still getting emails asking for instructions for the Treat Box Card.  I did post earlier that you could find the instructions at, but I guess some people are like me - you just look at the pictures. 

Yes, it's true.  When I'm surfing through my lists of blogs, I usually just look at the projects and go on, so I can understand how some of you might have overlooked my previous post - because it didn't have any pictures!

So here is the link for the tutorial I used -

I hope you can all access it.  I did make one change.  I didn't like wasting paper and I felt like that was what I was doing when I cut my cardstock to 6.5 x 11.75.  So I cut mine to 6x12 then just followed the same scoring instructions.  This way I got two projects out of each sheet of paper.

If you do make one of these card boxes please leave a comment with a link to your project, I would love to see them.

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