Monday, July 13, 2009

My "Latest and Greatest" Tool

Ok, here is my new "latest and greatest" tool. It's the Janome Sew-Mini.

Now those who know me well know that I have absolutely no sewing abilities. As a matter of fact, I almost didn't pass 7th grade Home Ec because I had problems making my apron. Mrs. Charles, our teacher, insisted that everyone had to make an apron to pass the class and to be able to start the "cooking" part of the class. This was a class that every boy and girl had to take, it was not an option. And even the boys did better on their aprons than I did. If it wasn't for my friend Debbie who finished my apron when the teacher wasn't looking, I would still be sitting in that class today.

Because of this ordeal in 7th grade, I have never tried sewing on cards before, although I really think it adds to them. Now if you also know me, you know when it comes to card making, I like to try every technique out there. So I had been considering for some time purchasing a sewing machine. I had been looking at the Pixie Machines by Singer that are sold at Wal-mart. I just about made up my mind to buy one when I saw the Janome featured on Stamp TV. After doing a little more research I found that most people chose the Janome over the Pixie Singer. And several ladies who bought the Pixie had trouble with them and returned them.

Now for those of you who can sew, you are probably looking at my little machine and laughing, but I really like it. I watched the videos on Stamp TV to learn how to thread the machine and make a bobbin. It took me a while to catch on the first time, I had a couple of issues, but the second time I made the bobbin and rethreaded the machine it was a piece of cake. My sewing skill are lacking a little as you can tell from my first card here, but I hope to get better with practice. So there you have it, my new tool and my first card made with my new tool. What do you think?

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