Friday, April 11, 2008

Ohio Trip (part 3)

By the time we had finished at Target it was getting late so we drove on to Heath Oh and found a motel room and went and ate at Red Lobster. The next morning while my husband was at his meeting, I got up and went across the street from the motel to another Joann Fabrics. This wasn't one of the super stores, it was a smaller store like they have in Terre Haute and since I get there pretty often, I wasn't overly excited. But I did find these ribbons and embellishments in the dollar bin and the embelllishment were 1/2 off.

I also went to a Cord Camera store that was by the motel, but they didn't have a Scrapbooking or a Stamping section.

After my husband picked me back up, we had to drive to Lima Oh to look at a job site, then we headed for Dayton Oh. We drove around for a while until we finally found Marco's Paper. I had first heard of them when I went to the Heirloom show in Indy two years ago. They are also on the internet and they have a ton of stuff. But, again I showed self control and this was all I bought.

When I got back in the truck (my husband stayed in the truck and waited on me this time), he said "all that for one bag?" Even though I didn't buy much, it was a neat store with a little bit of everything. Well that was pretty much my trip, we then headed for home. Now I have to go get all my stuff put up.

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