Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yep, today is my birthday. So far I have done absolutely nothing. Which sometimes is my favorite thing to do! I am going out for lunch later with my daughter Jess and my grandsons Ryan and Myer. Then I will probably go out for supper this evening with my husband - or he will cook for me. Either way, as long as I don't have to cook, I am happy.

I just got my new Stampin Success magazine in the mail with the new mini, but I'm waiting until after lunch to look at it. I've gotten a lot of birthday wishes from my friends from facebook so those were fun to read. For some reason they just don't believe I am only 32. I thought 32 sounded much more believable than 29.

I was hoping the sun would be out today as I have some cards that I need to take pictures of, but so far it's just a gloomy day. The sun did peep out for just a few minutes earlier this morning, but not long enough for me to get my pictures taken. Anyway, I am off to straighten up my stamp room until it is time to go for lunch.

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The Country Rose said...

Happy belated Birthday Kim! I hope that you had a really wonderful day!


Kathy W said...

Happy birthday

Sharon Graham said...

Happy belated birthday! 32 is a great age and I don't blame you for sticking with it ;-) March 11 was my due date for my first, but he waited until Pi day to be born.


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