Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Downline Meeting Update

I just wanted to let everyone know how the downline meeting went. I had a great time. Everyone was very friendly and Cristie did a wonderful job. She had her agenda and the notes all typed out for us. She was very organized.

For her business tip, she went over the demonstrator website with us and why we need one. She also covered the updates - the hostess portal and the blog. It was all very informative.

We all swapped cards, did a make & take and had a demonstration. Of course we had lots of snacks too. Demonstrators and Baptists have one thing in common - we don't ever get together with out eating LOL! It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Thanks again Cristie for allowing us to be a part of your group.

I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures of the meeting, I meant too. I even had my camera with me, but I just forgot.

I spent today with my friend Terri making cards, so hopefully if I can get some good pictures I will share those cards with you tomorrow. My grandson is spending the night this evening and he likes for me to watch movies and eat popcorn with him, so I won't be on my computer much.

Thanks for stopping by,

ps - As a member of the Freedom Baptist Church, I was poking fun at myself so please don't anyone get upset by my demonstrator/baptist comment. And if you are a southern baptist, you know this statement is true anyway :)

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The Country Rose said...

I 'lol' at the comment you left on my blog about the pirate card! So sorry I didn't make one sooner ;-).

I'm glad that your downline meeting went so well and that you not only learned some great stuff, but that you had a great time too! I know you enjoyed the evening with your grandson as well. It's so fun when they spend the night isn't it? Looking forward to seeing the cards you made with your friend. Have a great day Kim!



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