Saturday, January 30, 2010

My try at the flower pin

I really hate that this photo is so fuzzy, because the flower pin turned out really cute. I can't even retake the picture, because I have already gave the pin away. I had a lady at my friend Terri's workshop who really liked the pin so I gave it to her. She was the first one to mention the pin and tell me how cute it was so she was the one to receive it. I then had several ladies telling me how much they liked my rag quilt purse, they were hoping I would give it away also, but I didn't LOL!

I don't have the Flower Folds Die YET, so I used a flower die that I had borrowed from my friend Terri to make this pin. I hope I have time over the next few days to make some more.

Thanks for looking,

1 comment:

Kathy W said...

good for you, like the colors you picked too


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