Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blog still wonky...

Ok, I thought I had fixed my new blog design. But after viewing it on my new laptop - yep, you heard me right, a new laptop - I realized it is still not quite right.

I probably won't have time to fix it any time soon, I have Christmas shopping to do tomorrow, then Saturday we are having practice for our Christmas program which is Sunday followed by our Christmas lunch at church.

Back to the new laptop, that was quite an ordeal. I picked up my new laptop - a Sony Vaio - from Best Buy Tuesday evening. After getting it home, I wasn't able to connect to the internet. So after not getting any help from the store, I called Sony tech support. BIG MISTAKE! I spent two hours on the phone Tuesday night and another 1.5 hours on the phone Wednesday morning trying to get if fixed. By the time tech support was done, they had made things a lot worse. It was even to the point that my husband couldn't get on the internet with his laptop, which he hadn't had any trouble with before.

So after calling Best Buy back, they decided to just give me another new computer and a new router. Steve went and picked it up for me today, but since I had wasted so much time with it Tuesday night and Wednesday, I decided that I would not get on the computer until I had all my Christmas wrapping done.

So 8 hours later ( I did fix supper between wrapping packages) here I am. I installed my new router and was able to get on the internet with my new computer with no problems so far. So hopefully my new laptop will help me be better organized and help me do a better job of blogging.


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