Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet Hydi

Here is a picture taken of little Hydi (pronounced like Heidi) taken just a few hours after she was born. Look at all that hair.

We thought she was going to get to come out of the nursery today, but she had a little set back. The nurses were nice enough to sneak me in the nursery - only moms and dads are allowed - and I got to feed her twice today.

Brandy (her mom) and I did a little shopping today. Brandy was released yesterday evening, but they are letting her stay in a room at the hospital. Anyway, we searched for a little frilly dress for Hydi to get her picture taken in, but couldn't find any. Effingham doesn't have a lot of stores to choose from for baby clothes.

Anyway, I thank everyone for their prayers and ask you to please continue to pray for both mom and baby.

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