Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've been busy...

I haven't posted in a while because I have been busy. First, I helped my daughter make some table decorations for a baby shower she was hosting for her friend. And I've also been working on items for our Mother-Daughter Banquet at church.

We held our banquet last night, and I think everything went ok. I'm going to show you some of the items I made for the banquet.
First of all, our theme was "A Recipe for Friendship" and the color scheme was red, black and white. I played off the baking theme to come up with our decorations and favors.
The first thing I made was mini-recipe books. I had the ladies in the church give me some of their favorite recipes and I then typed them up and bound them into little books. Each lady received one as a party favor. Here's a picture -

I used the chipboard coasters for the covers and my bind-it-all machine to bind them all together. I used the "fat chef" from the Voila Stamp set throughout my decorations. I even put him on the invitation postcards I had made. It took me, with the help of my husband, daughter and mother-in-law about 4 hours to put these all together.

For the program, I made fans. The "fat chef" is again on the front and the program itself is typed on the back.

To decorate the tables, I ordered bud vases of red and white flowers with a black ribbon. I wished I had thought to take a picture of the table after they were all done. Anyway, I set the flowers in the center of the table and on one end of the table, I had small mixing bowls (red and black of course) filled with candy. On the other end of each table, I had either salt and pepper shakers filled with M&M's and a recipe holder or I put a small carton of plastic eggs. Here's a picture of the recipe holder.
As part of the program, we had a scavenger hunt. The ladies had a list of items they had to scavenge in their purses for. The winner of the scavenger hunt received a prize. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture what it is - I used the same kind of bowl as I used on the tables for decorations, and I put in the bowl a dish towel (with the fat chef on it), I made more recipe books (only these had blank recipe cards in them), a wisk, and covered peppermint patties. I put it all in a cellophane bag and tied it up with ribbon.

And last but not least, I had to have a favor for all the girls that came. So I made these little tote bags and filled them with candy and a bracelet.

So now you see why I haven't posted in a while. Tomorrow night I have to go back to church to help get some things ready for our last night of Seekers (our kids program) which is Wednesday night. Then Thursday I have stamp club - that really sneaked up on me. So maybe this weekend I will have some time to catch up things.



Vicki said...

You REALLY put a lot of work into the banquet! I looked at all of grandma's goodies that you brought her today. I loved them all! We're so sorry we couldn't be there!!!

Sharon Graham said...

Oh my goodness, what an undertaking! These are all fantastic projects and I'm sure the guests loved them.

Hulda Pollock said...

WOW, looks like you did an awesome job. Love the chef theme and the goodie bags are too cute!


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