Thursday, June 17, 2010

Magnetic Boards

I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time, but I think I have a good reason this time. My husband has been sick. He's doing better now and it was never life threatening, although I wondered for a while. After three trips to his doctor, a trip to the ER, a couple of nights in the hospital, tons of blood work, X-rays, Cat Scans, Colonoscopy....they finally discovered what was wrong with him. HE HAS MONO! Can you believe it? It's ok to snicker a little bit, I did when I found out. The doctor said he had never seen anyone his age have it before - he's 54. Our daughter had it about three years ago, but it was completely different symptons. We were just thankful that it wasn't anything more serious, although it will take him several weeks to recover.

So that's my excuse, do you think it's a good one? So I haven't done any crafting for the last few weeks and the project I'm showing you now is an old one (and the picture isn't very good). I just had never posted it before. I have made several of these and used them for hostess gifts for my last club. They are very simple to make but the ladies really seemed to like them. These magnetic boards are made from step flashing covered with Designer Series Paper and the butterflies are magnets.
Thanks for looking,


Kathy W said...

glad he is okay, can be scary stuff.
Super fun project and idea to cover magnetic board with sweet pea DSP (miss this stuff)

kat said...

Great project, love the whole idea, never would hve thought of it. TFS
Glad your hubby is o.k.


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