Friday, February 26, 2010


I was looking at my last post and just realized it has been 10 days since I've posted. I'm sorry. Time just gets away from me sometimes. I have been busy - I had 2 stamp clubs last week, a ladies bible meeting this week and I spent Monday helping my daughter's friend make 50 baby shower invitations. Wednesday is always church day - I try to get caught up on things I need to do for church and then I plan our lessons and games for our Seeker's program.

I just got back from Ohio - the Heath area - I went with my husband yesterday and we just got home tonight. He had a meeting this morning and then we stopped at some scrapbook stores on the way home, but most of the time we were just driving and that wears me out. Funny how tired a person can get from doing nothing but sitting on their behinds.

I had a whole list of places in the Columbus and Dayton area I wanted to stop at, but the weather was awful - snow and ice - so we decided we had better just get home. I guess they had a really nice day here at home. Sunny and about 38 degrees.

I am off to bed early (for me anyway) to get rested up and I am planning on having a new card posted tomorrow so be sure and check back.


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