Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Belated Merry Christmas to All

I hope you have all had a great Christmas and I hope Santa was good to all of you, he was very good to me.

I'm sorry I've been gone so long, but besides the normal busyness of the season, we have had a lot of company and a lot of sickness and my pregnant daughter has been having some issues.  I also apologize to my Blogging Buddies.  I know I haven't checked out your blogs in weeks, but I just haven't spent much time on the computer at all.

My pregnant daughter had to spend Christmas in the hospital so I took her my laptop so she could at least be with us through Skype.  So I'm trying to post this on my old desktop which doesn't always want to cooperate.

I'm not sure if I will be back to blogging anytime soon either.  Brandy did get to come home today, but she is on complete bedrest.  She was supposed to come here to stay, but since my other daughter and grandchildren were here over the weekend and they all ended up with the flu over Christmas, we didn't think it would be a good idea.  We are waiting a few days to see if any of the rest of us end up with it.  So I spent the day trying to disinfect the place and now I'm working on putting together all my wonderful new stamp sets.

I haven't even been in my stamp room for weeks so the creative juices aren't even flowing.  I'm hoping all my new stuff will help with that.  I will try to get around to visiting all of your blogs soon and I hope to be back into some kind of routine next week. 

Happy New Year,


The Country Rose said...

Awww! Take your time Kim- family is most important. Make sure to take care of you while you are taking care of the rest of your family. Blessings to you!


Crystal said...

Welcome back, Kim! I totally know what you mean about not having the mojo b/c so much is going on. Hope your family is on the mend, and hope preg. daughter is doing well - so glad you are there for her! :)


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