Saturday, October 4, 2008

We Got a Second Opinion ....

We went to St. Louis Tuesday to see another specialist and get a second opinion. After doing some blood work that the first specialist didn't do, this doctor wants to take Hydi off of her medication. She also ordered an Echo on her heart and another ultrasound on the liver. The echo came back ok, and we haven't got the results of the second ultrasound yet. It's been a real roller coaster around here lately.

Hydi and Brandy did spend the night with me a couple of nights this week. I forgot how tiring it is getting up with a baby in the middle of the night.

I Thought you might like an updated picture. She looks rather sober in this picture doesn't she?

This is a picture of my grandson Ryan with our poodle Gracie. You can see his mom holding Hydi in the background. His mom is pregnant, so we will have another grandbaby in January. Christmas at our house ought to be pretty lively next year, don't you think?

Thank again for all your prayers and please keep praying.


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Marilyn said...

I just found your website Kim, and my heart was touched by your granddaughters illness. I'll definitely be keeping her and your family in my prayers. She is such a cutie and we'll be praying for a quick recovery from the hemangiomas.

Also loved the treat box too - aren't those spiders the cutest!!


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